Authentic Organic Pizza
1032 Louise Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7H 2P6
Slabmaster 306-477-2211

About Panarama 2 for 1 Pizza Place

Slice of pizza

One of the best pizza places in Saskatoon, we offer pizza and a delicious deli with a variety of platters and single items. Our kitchen cooks up several tasty appetizers, including onion rings, zucchini sticks, deep fried mushrooms, chicken wings, and more. Our salads are made with fresh ingredients daily. Try a deep fried perogies with four delicious filling options. Try herring and donairs from our deli for something unique--donairs are a type of gyro with donair meat inside. You’ll also find cabbage rolls, pickles, and meat platters in our deli.

We take pride in our hand-made, fresh crust and the value we offer for the price. Just one of our pizza recipes is the famous La Capicollo. Here’s what just a few of our satisfied customers had to say about their experience with us.

“After 16 years of living in Saskatoon and trying nearly all of the pizza places, we've finally found the best. Panarama 2 for 1 beats them all. The crust is magnificent and the toppings are second to none, my new


“Easily Saskatoon's most underrated and best pizza. Give this place a try!”

“Best take-out pizza I've had anywhere! They don't skimp on toppings, the sauce is great, and the crust is wonderful. We've had their pizza several times over the past 6 months, and the whole family agrees that Panarama is the favorite. Tonight we also tried their deep fried perogies in addition to pizza -- as expected, they were a huge hit. I'm looking forward to eating the left-over pizza tomorrow! In addition to the pizza, they also make their own sausages (lots of selection in the deli case) and sell many different imported European products from pickled beets, to teas, to cheese, to chocolate (European chocolate is way better than the stuff we buy here!). Love the Polish accent of the clerk that served us tonight too :) Panarama is definitely worth the stop (or the delivery).”

“Excellent homemade crust, real capicolla! Yummy gourmet cheeses. Fresh quality ingredients and personalized service.”

“The real deal. Panorama Pizza is operated out of Maggie's Polish Deli. This place makes ALL their own meat (100% local and organic), and sources as much as they can locally. Their pizza is simply fantastic, and their demeanor is delightfully Polish. This is hands down the most 'from scratch' pizza you're going get in Saskatoon, likely Saskatchewan.. I like to get there just before they're done so that they're piping hot as I carry them home. While you wait for your pizza, you can browse the many Polish treats and canned goods that line the wall. We like to try different chocolates and candies for a treat sometimes. PS- their dry ribs are pretty darn good too!”

Address:1032 Louise Ave. Saskatoon, SK S7H 2P6 | Phone: 306-477-2211